Wires?! No thanks.

What a lift to my Monday morning… the Apple Wireless Keyboard has arrived!!


Now without trying to ‘geek out’ too much, this thing is frickin’ cool 😉

In true Apple style, it’s made from high quality aluminium, it is stupidly slim, it feels great to touch (with my fingers when typing that is) and it weighs so little! What a perfect accessory.


So what, you may ask, compelled me to go off and spend ££ on an Apple manufactured keyboard when I already have a perfectly functional even if less than cosmetically desirable, IBM USB Multimedia keyboard… Well the answer for me is simple, the iPad.

I really like the iPad, I find it one of the most feature rich multimedia devices I’ve ever had my hands on perfect for those times where you simply want to check your mail, finances or YouTube without the hassle of having to sit at your desk or boot up your desktop. The only issue I have is the limited productivity when using the touch screen screen keyboard, it’s fine for entering a URL or posting a quick update to Facebook but for more extensive data input, it’s cumbersome and inaccurate. Something needed to be done and a physical QWERTY keyboard seemed ideal.

So to the Apple store I went, dazzled by iPods, iMacs, Magic Mice, iPad docks and all other types of Apple candy I found the wireless keyboards, I selected my layout type, placed my order and a weekend later it’s here!

I’ve had it hooked up to my OpenSUSE 11.4 x64 based laptop all morning and other some than missing functionality with the Apple function keys (Which I just mapped to various combinations of Shift+F? key)

This is going to be a real addition to the iPad and I can’t wait to start using it in anger.

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