The XBOX gets online media!

W00t! I’m possibly a little behind here but it appears that the XBOX360 dashboard has been brought up to date.

We’ve had Sky Player for some time now which was epic when released but now we have the likes of YouTube, 4OD, DEMAND5, Love Film, MSN Video, Blinkbox and even Dailymotion.



That’s more video apps than the Kinect sensor can register me waving a stick at. Now I just need an app to create enough time to use them all 😉

Good job Microsoft. Why would anyone ever want a PS3 now?

The best thing about these apps is the way they’ve been designed, clearly focussing on the Kinect sensor being the main method of interaction.


Within the YouTube app (and all others), we’re presented with the new tile style layout which makes control by hand very easy and very cool.

Definitely about time but definitely worth the wait.


Marcus Lockwood @ WickedClothing just gave me a heads up on something…


He sources his information from

Blimey! iPlayer was always a major thing missing, even when Sky Player was released but I’m glad to see that now the Beeb are working with Microsoft to make this happen.

Pretty soon I’m not going to need my PC on ever, and I’ll be honest…. I am really looking forward to that!!