A5 jailbreak! Coming to a phone near you (or iPad2) ;)

So I bet I’m not the only one that’s been eagerly scouring the web every other day, hunting for some credible information as to when a jailbreak will be available for the A5 enabled iDevices…

Well today, I found it!

As posted here yesterday..

The notorious Pod2g announced via twitter recently;


It now appears that Pod2g has passed his findings on to the iPhone Dev Team in order to bundle and supply the most intensely awaited jailbreak since the launch of the original iPhone.

There had been some well founded concerns over exploiting the new A5 chip and many believed it to be a no go, just shows what determination and a fully disrupted sleep cycle can achieve 😉

We must now wait for all involved to build the new intel into what they know and unleash it upon the world!

I’ll be all over this as soon as its out so watch this space.

My iPhone 4S WILL be sharing it’s 3G (without paying ridiculous tethering charges) soon!! 😀