g729 Codec Calculation


Sr = 8kps (Sample Rate – How often audio is sampled per second.)
Ss = 20ms (Sample Size – This is the duration of each sample delivered. (Can also be 30ms))

Pb = Payload in bits
PB = Payload in bytes

To calculate BW usage:

8000 / 50 (g729 sample size / codec transmission rate in pps)

160 Kb / 8
20 KB

Sr / Ss = Pb / 8 = PB + headers

Never perfect is it :|

Seems the IOS5 shipped on Apple’s new iPhone 4S is bugged.

Mine is claiming 4.4GB is in use by “Other”. This seems to be a common problem shared amongst the community.

Once such report is https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3442555?tstart=0

Time to backup and reinstall I think.

Oh and..

I got an iPhone 4!

Well… It was a week ago 🙂

I’m pretty happy with it too. It’s only the 16GB (free upgrade) but It’s a shit load better than the 3GS (obviously), I’d list why but a tech spec comparison on the Apple site is a much better move.

If I did have to name one particular feature, it would have to be the Retina display! It’s gorgeous to look at and somehow pleasureable to touch.

I definitely, definitely like this screen.

The text is sharp, icons are clear and colours are all perfect.

If you don’t have it, you’re missing out. Big time.

I wonder if it’s that simple…

In the run up to IOS v5.0 being released I thought I’d try and update my 3GS to 4.3.3. I keep having performance issues (apps closing, slow response to actions etc) so I figure that 4.2.1 could well be the cause of my issues and as it’s quite a little out of date it really needs bringing closer to the currently released stable version (4.3.5).

I wonder if it’s as simple as just Updating through iTunes…?

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So, in summary…

Just completed my first post using the WordPress app for the iPad.

Hardly intuitive.
Keyboard doesn’t integrate quite as well as I’d hoped.. no copy+paste on short cuts, keep having to touch the screen which is exactly what I wanted to get away from…

Perhaps I’m missing something?

Maybe I should have bought the dock…

edit: Just found out how to select all, cut, copy and paste all from the keyboard. Rather than CTRL+key its CMD+key!

Good ol’ Apple eh 😉